Have You Made The Festival Showcase?

The entries are in, the work rated, the winners chosen and the showcase launched – now what?

The NOISE Festival 2014 Call for Entries received over a 5,000 submissions! Every single piece of work was seen / watched / listened to.
We were so impressed by the quality and breadth of work entered and we weren’t the only ones:

the Noise festival 2014 showcase

A celebration of the very best new emerging creatives as endorsed by key industry professionals and the NOISE Curators. The Festival Showcase takes place until November, online via right here, in the media and across exclusive NOISE events

have i made it?

If so, your work is now adorned with a nice little ribbon. See it? Congratulations! You’ve made it into the NOISE Festival 2014 Showcase. You now represent the very best emerging creative talent in the UK right now.

The rankings are organised by Best in Show, Curator’s Choice, Outstanding and Excellent.

No ribbon? Either you didn’t enter the Fest or the rating you received didn’t quite make the mark to be included in the showcase. Do try again in 2016 and in the mean time keep building your NOISE Portfolio, updating your skills, work and networking with your fellow NOISE artists.

the ratings, explained

Your fantastic work has been rated by a curator or member of our shortlist panel. These works have all the hallmarks of excellence. To make it to the next ranking there may be a few tweaks needed in terms of presentation, final product or execution. They show promise and we see big things ahead for these guys.

Everyone who received this rating had their work seen personally by their category’s curator as part of the shortlisting process. These works are Outstanding in technique and professionalism; we could see these artists gaining a commission or a sale of their work, or succeeding in a commercial marketplace.  

These incredible pieces have been handpicked by the Curator and will have been contacted by the NOISE Team.
BEST IN SHOW –  These are the Curator’s stand-out pieces of work within their category. 

Those rated Outstanding and Curators Choice may be contacted by the NOISE Team to feature in events or press. This will be on a case-by-case basis.

**Please note: We’re experiencing some trouble with the Showcase Gallery in that it doesn’t filter through Curator’s Choices. Users might also notice that their ribbons don’t match the rosettes on their individual pieces of work. We’re working to fix this as soon as possible. In the mean time, please know that the rosette boxes on your individual works are a true reflection of your rating.

is that it?

Well, not quite. Now the hard work begins. 

The team here is made up of industry professionals, who have been pioneers in the industry for more than 30 years, graduates who started out as interns, to those who haven’t had a higher education experience. From nearly a decade of doing NOISE we know that it’s very rare for people to come to you and chase your talents, the NOISE Charity has equipped you with an ideal foundation for you to forge your own paths. Well what are you waiting for?

Self-promotion is key and this is the perfect starting block for you. We’ve already had artists get internships, their tracks played on the radio and receive portfolio review sessions, right off the back of them getting themselves out there.

We’re sending out rosettes you can embed on your external websites, which you can link to your NOISE ePortfolio with. We’ll also be sending out some self-promotion packs, to help you make full use of your achievement.

If you didn’t make the Showcase, take some inspiration from those who did - what makes their work stand out? How have they gone about presenting their portfolio?

In the meantime, do shout about your new achievement across your networks and make sure you tag us so we can spread the word! 



Plus, we’ve got some good times ahead – won’t you join us for the ride?
We’ve got an outdoor exhibition at More London (outside the City Hall), Southbank, and our Print & Zines Webinar with Tricia Jones takes place on 13/10/2014!

Once again, we’d like to extend a humongous thanks to all the people who helped make NOISE Festival 2014 possible, Curators, Shortlisters, Funders, Partners and Artists alike. Here’s to the next one!