Let's get connected - NOISE on Social Media

There’s this thing called social media and it seems to really be taking off – heard of it?

Here’s a map where all roads lead to NOISE. We potter about all over the interwebs and so we figured you guys could do with some help finding us. (Graphics always make things better).

As of right now, this is where you can find us online, minus Myspace because it’s so last decade. (We’re still on it though. We like to keep it to remind us that it was one of the very first platforms we used in 2006 to source new talent – how things change eh?) Follow, friend, like and connect to your heart’s content!

Each of our social medias serve different purposes, with twitter, facebook and our newbie tumblr being regularly updated with news and monitored for interactions with you wonderful people and instagram, for example, being a behind the scenes look at the NOISE team in their natural habitat. 

You can find all of our interviews with the #NOISEfest14 curators, among other gems, on our YouTube. Once a month, we’ll use it hand in hand with google+ for our LIVE Q&A webinars (Ian Livingstone webinar is on 07/07). 

And did you know that we’ve got share buttons on NOISEfestival.com? When you see stuff you like, or something you know one of your friends will, you can email or share on facebook/google+/twitter by clicking those buttons in the top right of your screen! 

Not to mention, you can use those same buttons to self-promote. Just uploaded a new piece of work and want the world and their networks to know? Your literally two clicks away. More on what this can do for you in our “Make the Most of your ePortfolio” blog series. 

We do try our best to make life easy for you.