PT5 Make the Most of your ePortfolio: Using your Buttons

How to use your #NOISEfest14 in your self promotion

Noticed those buttons at the bottom of all our curator pages? They’re there for all of you artists featured in the showcase, right here. Place these on your website or blog (wherever you want, really) to show off your win. Use the buttons to show off your achievement and promote your ePortfolio across your networks.

There are buttons unique to the 14 categories as well as the ratings your work has received:  Best in Show, Curator Choice, Outstanding and Excellent. We know that not every website will work with just one type of button so there are 3 to choose from, all in different sizes.

First, what you want to do is go to the bottom of the curator page for the category you submitted to – this is where the buttons live.  For some websites, it will be as simple as right clicking, choosing “Copy image URL” and pasting it, but for others you might have to use a HTML code:

<a href="link to your portfolio goes here"><img src="image URL here" border="0"</a> 

Just paste your portfolio link into the first set of quotation marks and the URL of the image into the second set. For example, Jane Smith got herself an Excellent rating on her music submission.
Her code will be as follows:  

My NOISE Portfolio

 <a href=""><img src="" border="0"</a> 

Remember, the code will only translate to an image if you paste it directly into the code of your website, or on a box asking for code. Pasting it into a regular text editor will not work.

Happy buttoning!