Some news and scoops for Hussain and Dragos, The Wildcards

GARNIER FRUCTIS - HAIR YOU'LL WANT TO PLAY WITHSo where do we start with this? Okay, first thing first and that’s to thank you guys at the NOISE Festival for getting our work noticed! Well, we are having a blast here, the people are amazingly supportive and the place has an awesome vibe- could not have asked for more. Both of us are on the Publicis softball team so we have our hopes high with that and maybe we will go pro after the season finishes! Everyone here gets together to celebrate the most recent work on a weekly basis (free beer!), which is a highlight of the week. We’ve been lucky to have an audience with Maurice Levy, the Chief at Publicis and Guy Wieynk, the Group CEO for Publics UK  (again free beer). But more importantly we are here during interesting times with a lot happening across the Group companies. How can I forget the rooftop! That’s our place to go and meditate when it gets a bit too much to manage all of the above. 

Andy Bird, Dragos & HussainOh the important bit, the work that we have been doing and how it took us a few days to calm down our adrenaline. Honestly, at first we were just hell bent on doing too much but after a brief or two we did get the dust to settle down and made decent progress since then. For anyone who thinks bigger agencies don’t have good briefs for placement teams..well this place doesn’t roll like that . We were thrown straight into the mix with some really interesting briefs and as we write this, we are headed to a PPM for some upcoming work for an international campaign across Eastern Europe (okay, that’s for our publicity). All in all, it’s a big place but everyone is really supportive and we work really closely with the CDs so there are no accessibility issues at all. Not to forget, we couldn’t have made it here without Richard Baynham and Andy Bird- both are amazing to work with. Hopefully we can make the most of this opportunity and we have no plans for leaving this place any soon- well unless they get tired of us. Lastly, we do want to brag about sharing the same office location with Mr. Holmes.

Peace out, Hussain & Dragos.